Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Love Letters: Valentine's Decor

As a single gal, I don't really make a big deal of Valentine's Day.  However, as a blogger, I like to add a little sprinkle of pretty things around the house.  But as it's just me around here, unless I have guests, I don't like to spend a lot of money on decorations so....

While I do decorate, anything must be super inexpensive and  I refuse to do anything TOO CHEESY.  So, I like stuff that is pretty and feminine with just a touch of romance that still fits in nicely in my home.  
There are just over two weeks before Valentine's so I'll be sharing my inexpensive and non-cheesy Valentines Decor ideas with you between now and then, so here's hoping you find some Inspiration!!

Michaels had these cube wooden blocks that somewhat resemble Scrabble pieces and I just sort of fell in love (no pun intended) with them.  While I knew they were probably something I could make super cheap and easy, they were like $3.00 each, so I figured it just wasn't worth the trouble to cut and paint or cut out vinyl for them... Call me lazy!

I bought the Letters to spell out "Love" and then started thinking of other words that would be fun to spell out.

 So I also added anothe letter, te "N" to my cart cause I can simply swap out the "V" and Move things around and I have "Noel"! 

Smart right?  Anytime I can use decor items for more than one holiday/season, I consider that a win!!!


When I got them home I played around a little more....  I'm a big reader so I also enjoyed this !

Of course,now that I had these fancy word-spelling blocks, what was I going to do with them?  My original plan was to put them atop a stack of books on the coffee table, but they were much larger than the vision in my head and while cute, I felt I could do better!

So after some brainstorming, I decided that if I stacked them instead of lay them, I could go another route and came up with this cute display under a cloche.

Since the base that came with this cloche is rather tall and makes the whole thing almost 3' tall, I usually opt to use this wood slice as a base instead.  I love the rustic/romantic combination and it adds nice texture to everything!
  While I like the unfussy simplicity of it,  I'm starting to wish I had some of those battery operated mini string lights to stuff inside as well now.... And really make things sparkle.... 
Hmm I'll keep you posted on that! ;) 

So far, the cloche is solo on this side of the coffee table as I think up a few more cute ideas.  Any suggestions on what to add to make this a fun little vignette? 

What do you think of my simple cloche?  I may have to spring for several other letters!!

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