Friday, February 5, 2016

Product Review: Nutrience Sub Zero Grain Free Dog Food

A few weeks ago, we were sent a sample of Nutrience's new Sub Zero Grain Free Dog food to test out and review, courtesy of the fine folks over at Chick Advisor .  It was our first time receiving a product that someone other than myself would essentially be reviewing and we were excited!

As with any new foods that you bring into a pet's diet, all changes should be done gradually, so as not to shock their digestive systems and cause any tummy troubles, so we started out by gradually adding little bits to her regular food.  She loved it, and actually took the time to pick through the food to find the tiny bits of "new" food, which she obviously thought was a delicious new treat.

Having a look at the ingredients, you can see that the first 13 ingredients are meat!!!  How crazy is that??  Followed up by an assortment of animal safe veggies!! I was a little envious - the girl was eating healthier and better than I was!!!  I felt good, knowing that I wasn't just giving her mostly "fillers" and that she was enjoying real food.
(okay, so I realize you can't really read this.. but I promise you, it's GOOD!!)

As she has always had a sensitive tummy, I'm always a little hesitant with new foods that might cause any upset, but she seemed to do just fine despite/because of the added protein and fibre in her diet.  I didn't see any issues, so that made me a happy dog mama!

One of the biggest changes that I did notice was in her coat! She was noticeably softer to me - and to three visitors I've had lately!  It's been reported in humans that gluten is a big contributor towards hair and skim problems, so it wouldn't be surprising that it would also apply in animals.  Finley's fur typically can be described as pretty bristly, but I definitely felt an improvement, which I feel no doubt is due to Grain-Free food!

Thankfully, Finley always has a high-energy, pleasant demeanor, akin to a puppy, so I never really see if changes in her diet affect her mood, we didn't have any negative changes, so I take that to be a good things - especially as she gets older!

There were some nights where I accidentally just fed her, her regular old food by mistake and she let me know her discontent by whining and nudging up towards the counter where the Grain Free bag was kept. If that's not a sign that she liked it, I don't know what is....

Now, I'll be honest here and say that the price point on this food, well, it was a little high.  The 2.27 kg bag that we tried out was valued at $31.99.  We regularly buy one 13.60 kg bag of her regular food per month.  Doing the math, if we were to purchase the same amount, it would cost us almost $200 a month!  However, since the kibble is actually smaller, we'd probably go through the bag faster, so I'd guesstimate closer to $250.00.  That's almost four times as much money..... Yikes!
While I do realize that the added costs come from the fact that what we are paying for is better quality product, it is a little shocking, and to be fair, the only drawback to this product that I can find.

Overall, I think this food was excellent.  It met Finley's approval in terms of taste (obviously) and seemed to agree with her stomach and had some positive affects on her coat, and I'm sure many other areas that weren't immediately apparent in such a short amount of time.  While I am not sure the cost to make the complete switch would fit in my current budget, we might be purchasing a small bag from time to time, to continue adding supplementary to her current food since she likes it so much!  I also certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend this food to anyone - but looking or not, for a Grain Free product.


While we were provided the sample bag of food complimentary for review purposes, we were not compensated in any manner for providing a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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