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Fab Fit Fun Spring 2015 Review

Apparently my mobile Blogger hasn't been publishing a few of my scheduled posts...but since I'm sick, that works out well since I had nothig else ready to go. So here's a post from a few weeks ago that never made it. Enjoy!

 Friday was a great day- not only did I have the day off since my family was coming into town, but it was a fantastic mail day!!! My long-awaited <a href="">Fab Fit Fun</a> box came in! The worst part about quarterly boxes is waiting....

This is my third Fab Fit Fun box and I'm always pretty happy with my box. 

Here are the details:
What: A quarterly box with an assortment of goodies that fall within their fab, fit, fun theme. A variety of accessories, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, home decor and often some food (usually sponsored) products. 

Cost: I have an upgraded VIP membership which works out to $45.00 per quarter.

Ships: US and Canada. It costs $8/mth to ship to Canada but US is free. 

If you're interested in signing up use code: FRIENDS at checkout to save 20% on your order!! 

Here's a first peek:

Their info card is always pretty great and lists details for all the products. 

As always, there was a nice mix of lifestyle products so I was happy to check everything out!! 

Here's what was inside:

Jules Smith Scarf

This scarf came in either Watercolor or Modern Art print. I'm quite happy wih the Watercolor print, but to be fair, i haven't seen what the other pattern looks like. This scarf is very lightweight and perfect for adding a little color to your warmer weather outfits. It's very pretty and I'm looking forward to wearing it with a cute dress.  
Valued at $42 (seems a bit jight to me and certainly more than I'd ever pay....) 

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum

I'm just starting to pay attention to anti-aging products (I'm 32...) and while I have no wrinkles, I do have some deep smile lines that I might try this out on!  This is not a brand I've ever heard of before so I'm interested to try them out. 
Valued at $48 

Merrithew 3 DVD Set "Intense Body Blast" + $25 Gift Card

This is supposed to be a combination of High Intensity Interval training and STOTT Pilates moved so  interested to trying this. I'm also much happier for an actual DVD instead of just a code like last time.  I haven't yet checked to see if the gift card works for Canadians or what they have but I will be looking shortly to see what I can get from their 500 fitness products 
Valued at $61 (this will be dependent on whether I can actually use the gift card) 

OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo (#11 and #20) 

I think a makeup brush set like this, is nice for a sub box especially since I always seem to misplace my brushes.  However.. I am a little confused by them listing this as a eyeshadow duo since the listing says #20 is for concealer or foundation. Anyhow, they seem very soft and quality so I'm looking forward to adding these to my bag! 
Valued at $45.90

ORLY Nail Polish in "Cake Pop" & Nail BB Creme
The Cake Pop color is a very subtle light pink which is perfect for spring and French manicures. I've never used the Orly brand, but I've heard good things,  so I look forward to seeing how long it lasts. I've also heard heard of Nail BB creme but for someone like me, this seems like a quick and easy way to sport great looking nails- I anticipate this will be a new fave! 
Valued at $8.50 and $15 respectively

Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos
I'm actually a big fan of metallic tattoos and am glad to have some more but I am not sure about the color of these. While the gold is fine, the other color appears purple? So I'm not sure how that will look on skin... But I've got some fun summer plans and a music festival to try them out at! 
Valued at $36 (this seems high considering I balked paying $25 for my other ones...) 

Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set
These are actually super pretty and come in 4 different patterns. Even the box is pretty and I've added it to my Spring coffee table-scape.
Although, to be quite honest, I don't LOVE that they are paper cause then they are just gonna get soggy and tossed out. However, that being said. Glass and porcelain tend to stick to glasses when the glasses sweat and that's never fun crashing down on my glass topped table so this might be the best option. I like that they've included something for the house and Rifle Paper Co is so huge right now so this was a fun addition and great for summer when you're entertaining. 
Valued  at $16

Sprout It App Card & Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod
I love that they included somethig gardens inside this box! Unfortunately, I HATE cilantro.... Any other herb would have been a hit though. So I will be picking up a quite French-looking pot and starting this one up for a girlfriend who has a bday coming soon. She loves to cook and while not very garden friendly, she does grow some herbs on her balcony so I think this is a nice idea. I'd definitely be interested in seeking out some different options for these seed pods though and will be checking out Home Depot today.  I'm also a newer gardener so I might check out the app and see what useful info it yields for me! 
Valued at $1.49 + free app download

Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn (sponsored item) 
I originally thought this was caramel popcorn and see now that it's puffed corn which is different, but I typically like caramel snacks so I am interested to try this and will be adding it to my lunch bag for tomorrow! It's also gluten free which I wish I had known as I would have opened it this weekend when my mom was here. I love when they add single silencing sized snacks to the boxes specifically for my lunch, so this is a nice treat. 
Valued at $1.49 but sponsored so not really counted.

Overall Thoughts: I liked this box quite a bit. Definitely more than the winter box but maybe less than fall..? Lol. The value was $273.89 according to their calculations, which is still great considering the cost of the box but I felt like some of the items were over priced. That being said, I will be using everything in this box, almost right away so I feel that is a big perk. Sometimes I get items I won't really use or that are cute but not really workable for my lifestyle so having items I want to use and try and enjoy is a better fit for me. 

Did anyone get anything different in their boxes? 
Remember to use code:FRIENDS to save 20% on your subscription for a limited time only! 

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