Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cricut Project: Silver Feather Decals

Last weekend,  I finally bit the bullet and after years of wanting one, finally purchased myself a Cricut
machine.  Actually, it's the newest version, the Cricut Explore Air and it's kind of amazing!  I actually spent the entire Friday evening and almost all of Saturday playing with it!

Of course when I came across a sweet feather image, I immediately remembered this image from over at Freckles Chick . 

I originally saw the post on her Instagram but sadly, our Canadian Target wasn't carrying them.....  I wrote her back saying I was so sad and she kindly offered to send them my way and then I was a bad internet friend and forgot to reply.....  oops
Anyhow, fast forward several months and here I am sitting in my kitchen with my own personal cutting machine that just so happens to work with vinyl and I have a Sample Pack of 12 different colors!!!!
So of course, I used the Design Software to size out my feathers to pretty much as big as my vinyl sheets would allow, tossed in my vinyl sheet and sat there, mesmerized as "Crick"  (my affectionate nickname for her....) cut out my pretty little feathers.
I went with silver vinyl since I thought it would be a better match to the grey/blue wall color.
 (Antique Sterling by ICI)
Are you as excited as I am?  I couldn't believe how happy the page of feathers made me!  Plus, it was super easy - the hardest part was figuring out where I wanted to put them and they sat for like 3 days before I came up with a plan!
The stairwell to upstairs, which is also home to my vintage-looking white frames and mirrors collection was looking a little sad.  I hadn't bought anything new to add to it for a while and the tall wall wasn't very filled out.  So I figured that since I had already added my little collection of Anthropologie Animal Hooks
to the wall, it might be neat to add some of my other absolutely favorite things and make it more of a fun gallery wall installation. 
So, I added a feather!
I like how whimsical and fun the arrangement is turning out to be!
Here's a close up of the decal:
You can really see the metallic-ness of the vinyl here as well, it's just the perfect amount of sheen and it a pretty good pairing with the wall color!
(Note:  I realize the decal has bubbles, they have since been completely smoothed out.  I was just worried I might change my mind and hadn't fully committed when I took the picture! :)  )
I also added the new galvanized "C" to the wall as well as I didn't want the feather to be the only silver-toned item on the wall and stick out like a sore thumb.  I picked that up for like $3 at Michaels and kind of want to go back and pick up a ton more letters for other projects!

Here's the view I see most often, from the main floor.  I really love it here and think that if I get my butt in gear and start filling up the wall with more frames, this space will be really cool looking when I'm done!
I have a few more Cricut projects to share this week so stay tuned!
Do you have a Cricut?  What kind of projects have you made with yours?  I'd love to hear!

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