Sunday, April 5, 2015

A-tisket, A-tasket... The Easter Bunny Brought Baskets!

Here's hoping the sweet Easter Bunny made sure to stop by your place and leave some goodies for ya!  Around these parts, I won't be seeing my family til the end of the month, but that didn't stop me from getting their baskets ready to go this weekend!

In lieu of doing traditional "themey" Easter baskets, I decided to go with something a little different and as soon as I saw these Galvanized buckets at the Dollarama, I knew right away what I was using as a basket.
At $3.00 each, these are a fantastic size and can be used again for whatever the recipient chooses.


 Next step was deciding how to decorate/personalize them.  When I saw this chalkboard kit with sticker labels, I was sold!  Super simple and cute - done and done!
Instead of using the chalk that came with the kit (which creeps me out... ) I got out my chalk pens and simply wrote everyone's name on a tag.

The fun part was grabbing tons of stuff from the Dollarama to put inside each basket.  I only really struggle with what to do for the men, so they got less stuff (same issue I have with stocking stuffers)
I put all the baskets on the coffee table and then just grabbed handfuls and walked around popping things in each person's basket

I kept things very light on the chocolate this year, but did get the good stuff and visited the Lindt outlet.

I put a couple cute projects in my nephew's with the hope that maybe he will want to help me paint a birdhouse or maybe create some zoo animal suncatchers for his bedroom window.

He's also got lots of books, some chocolate, coloring stuff, a barrel of monkeys, etc.
For the ladies: 
Candles, kitchen tools, notepads, recipe cards, garden seeds, books, puzzles, etc.

For the Men: 
Armorall wipes, tools, tech gizmos, chocolate, etc.

Everything in the baskets is $3.00 and under, so very reasonably priced and since everything is practical, I think they'll all get some  use out of their goodies.
What sort of goodies did you prepare for your friends and family?  I've love to see what you've created so feel free to share your links!

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