Monday, March 30, 2015

Touches of Spring: Home Decor

I'm hesitant to say that Spring has arrived as every time we think we are good, we get another dumping of snow.  But I figure, if I will it, it will come!  As such, last week, before leaving on my weekend getaway, I added a few touches of Spring/Easter to my house. 

Later that day, I had some guys from my past job over and was pleasantly surprised that the three of them commented on how cute and "Easter-y" everything around here looked! 

I really didn't make too many changes, just added a few bunnies, some eggs and some fresh flowers in bright colors.  It's a little more "colorful" in here than I typically go for, but I like the pops for this in-between stage of snow to melty grossness.

So without further ado here are the little touches I've added:

The shelf near the front door got the addition of this sweet white, flocked bunny with a burlap scarf.  He was a $3.00 find from Target (which will be gone next week...)  I can't remember if I've posted much or anything about the rustic arrow marquee sign but I snagged it on sale at Michael's around Christmas time.  I was initially planning on painting it cause I wasn't too keen on the rust color but now I really like how it plays off the cooler colors in the entry.

Since we won't be having our Easter dinner until later in the month,  I haven't yet decided on my table setting, but in the meantime I am liking this sweet arrangement for every day.  Another sweet target bunny, this one covered in moss sits next to a cake dome cloche with a nest.  I was very surprised the other night when a buddy walked over to a basket on the coffee table and came back with a few eggs to place inside the nest which apparently I'd left empty!!   And we always think men aren't paying attention!!!!
I'm also absolutely loving these striped tulips!  So pretty tumbling out of this turquoise vase - very different colors for me, but I really love this here!

The colors on this side table are a little more subdued.  I moved the white owl vase down from the upstairs hall and this is the first time I've actually used him for flowers.  I love the sweet pink tulips peeking out from his head!  I left them long on purpose so as I gradually cut the stems down every few days, they will eventually be the perfect height.   This is also probably the first time you are getting a peek of the French script ottoman. 
My sweet best friend/ex boyfriend surprised me with it as a gift for Christmas.  (he's the same one who added the eggs to the nest above).  He's actually quite stylish and really gets my sense of style apparently!  While not something I was in the market for, I really love it.  Plus, it's great or storing things I need to quickly get out of site, but want to have on-hand.

Since the mantel is mostly taken up by my TV, all I have are the small sections on each side. The only new item is the white faux-bois vase, which I received from my best friend for Christmas.  It's been sitting up here for the past couple months, but looking a little sad and empty.  As such, it was the perfect vessel for these two-toned tulips.  Red is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I just couldn't pass these up!!

Nothing on this console is new, but I am really loving this blue-tinged glass head over on this side of the room.  It's been getting quite a bit of mixed reviews from my friends however, which of course means it is doing exactly what I want it to - be thought provoking and interesting!  :)

This side of the room is a bit more cutesy than the rest of the space but as an Aunite to a 4-year old, I think it's my job to make sure there's some brightly colored stuff that kids will like too.  The Easter tree admittedly, is one of my favorites.  I don't know why I don't decorate this tree for any other holiday...?
(excuse the Apple TV cord visible here - it's new so I was excited to try it out and simply plugged it in without putting it with the rest of the av components.)

This side of the mantel is the same as it always is, but I really love the turquoise vase with peacock feathers!

The coffee table got a burst of color in the form of these bright pink carnations. I don't usually go for carnations, but loved the color of these last week. I absolutely love how they look here in the gold vase.  The grey ceramic bunny is so sweet chilling atop a faux Eiffel Tower book.

The other side of the table features the chicken wire basket full of eggs and the HUGE concrete robin.  It's a bit cluttered and I'll admit that I didn't really stage anything, just plopped a few things on the table and then went out of town hahaha.

This sweet French-looking toss cushion is one of faves, I am trying to find something similar to pair it with.  Have you seen my new Lake sign?  I have to properly hang it - it's a bit high here since I just put it on the nails already in the wall from the previous artwork.

 Here's an overall view of the space.  Yes, it's looking a little busy, but I actually kind of like it!  That being said, I'll be making some changes in the next few months:  cleaning the white crud off the inside of the fireplace glass, hunting down a new rug and getting some drapes up there finally!

Of course, since I don't have much space in my kitchen, it's tricky to bring in much décor, but what's better than gorgeous, brightly-colored fruit!??

Those are just some pics of the bright touches I've added around here.  What have you added around your house to add some Spring touches?

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