Monday, March 9, 2015

Techy Things: Apple TV

When it comes to techy things and gadgets, I am probably one of the last of my friends to get on board with things.  Maybe it's the fact that I no longer have a guy living with me, or possibly I'd just much rather spend my money on clothes, shoes or accessories, I don't know, but that has never been an area that I am one-step ahead on.

I have only had an iphone for a year and a half (and only after plowing through 3 Blackberries in about 8 months....).  I was also pretty resistant to the iPad trend for so long - I had an iPhone and a Laptop at this point, why did I need an iPad?  Then of course, I won one at my Curling Bonspiel and realized how handy they were!  Then of course there was Netflix , anyone who knows me, knows I watch a LOT of television and movies, so it was pretty surprising to most that I didn't even have an account until last summer! 

My biggest issue with it was, as I didn't have any sort of gaming console or a Smart Tv, I had to physically hook up my lap top to the tv with an HDMI cable and get out my wireless mouse and use that to control things if I wanted to watch Netflix while laying in bed.  It was fine, b ut kind of annoying if I am being honest.  Everyone was constantly harping on me to get Apple TV saying that it would be perfect for someone like me.  But of course, I didn't really understand it, and in my head could think of so many other things I could spend $100 on.

Until yesterday, when my Curling team was the first team to be called up for the pick-your-own-prize portion of the prize winning at our Bonspiel.   As I didn't think I was going to be getting a prize (since I was no longer working for the company and wasn't technically playing in the tournament- but was invited to attend the dinner and prizes), I hadn't really spent much time in advance, checking out the prizes.  I had taken a quick peek and seen the small apple box, but really hadn't checked anything out.  So you can imagine my excitement when I realized that I lucked out and the four of us were the first able to check our prizes... I knew exactly what I was wanting and snatched that box up RIGHT AWAY!!

Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was figure things out.  It was the easiest thing ever to get set-up.  I simply plugged it in, attached the HDMI cable and connected it to my account.  No lie, but I spent the whole evening binge-watching Nashville. 

If you haven't tried Apple TV before, I highly recommend it to anyone who, like myself don't have a device like a gaming console or Smart TV that allows you to access your programs. 

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