Thursday, March 19, 2015

Masculine Bedroom: A Birthday Gift Idea

Tomorrow is my best friend (who also happens to be my ex-boyfriend...)'s birthday.  I had absolutely NO idea what to get him, until I saw this piece of at the store where I work part-time:

(sorry, they don't sell online, so I can't link)

As an avid outdoorsman who fishes and recently started hunting, this reminded me a lot of him.  The fact that he works in Construction and it's made to look like a pallet, was even better. 
Plus I know he had recently re-decorated his room and figured this would fit right in!
For those of you avid DIYers out there who are going to tell me that I could have made this piece myself for practically NOTHING.... I realize that.  Yes, I could very well have fished a pallet out of pile from any nearby construction site,  attempted stencilled a stag head on it and distressed it.   However, I have been working 3 JOBS lately people!!! So for me, it's less about how much the stinkin' thing cost, and more about the fact that I had barely enough time in my life to take these photos and document this, let alone creating an original piece of art!!  :)
So, buying pre-made this time around was the best option - Plus, I used my employee discount so, it's no biggie!
As I mentioned, he had recently purchased new bedding - red and black buffalo check plaid.  While I haven't actually seem it in person, I believe the picture was similar to something like this (except the white):
via this Pinterest page , which I believe he might have purchased at  
Last year, he painted his room a warm chocolate brown and added some pine wainscoting similar to and while it's typically not my style, really suits him and the space.
Since he's a guy, he of course has all sorts of  techy/audio visual/video gamey stuff in his room and since the space is pretty small, he needed a way to organize all his things. Luckily, a friend had an old bookshelf from Restoration Hardware bookshelf for which she had taken out and was getting rid of some shelves.  He snatched the wood planks up and simply retrofitted some brackets to the wall to hold his gaming consoles and it worked perfectly under his wall-mounted TV without taking up valuable floor space. 
I believe this was the shelving.
 I have to say, that for a guy, he has pretty good taste and while it's all pretty manly and not my typical blue and grey, it's a pretty cozy space and he's done a good job!

So, what do you think?  Will my stag head pallet artwork be a hit?  Do you think it's a good fit with the items I've described?  I'm also so worried about what I get him as he's pretty stylish and particular.


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