Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet Stanford!

Today is my Birthday!  Yup, the big 3-1!  Yikes!  In honour of such a terrifying realization, I bought myself a little gift.  Honestly, I didn't go out looking for anything, but I'd wanted one for a really long time so when I found the perfect one, there was no way it wasn't coming home with me!
Introducing the newest addition to our Animal House: 


I've had my eye on a stag head for the front entrance for a really long time.  A white one actually, but since I'm a little late to the faux taxidermy party, I hadn't been able to find a reasonably priced one that looked proper/realistic.  I was just trolling around HomeSense yesterday when I happened upon this perfect guy!
Honestly, I almost missed him since Gold isn't really my color and I don't typically go down the aisle with the magnifying glasses and other masculine pieces... but there was actually a mount of antlers (that were broken) that made me do a  double take, so I went back and there he was!

His profile is perfect.  I love that he has the detailing that looks like fur.  Upon close inspection, he had no chips or broken antlers which always seem to be the issue when I come across stags.

You wouldn't believe how happy it made me when I saw him on the wall!
His coloring in these photos shows a lot brassier than he is in person and while I love seeing gold items in other people's interiors, I just knew he was meant to be white.

But immediately after I took these photos, off he went to the garage for a makeover! 
 Here's his new look:
 This isn't the wall he's going to stay on, so please excuse the scuffs as I just moved a few pictures that had appropriate sized screws so I could take some photos.  His new home needs a new paint job, but I don't have any of the wall paint left, so that will be later this week!

Of course, I'm pretty much the worst spray painter there is, plus it's really hard to paint something like this without getting drips since you have to keep flipping him, but I think I did a pretty good job!

Of course, I gave him a few coats of Krylon white primer to cover the gold
 and then went with White in a gloss finish.

Love, love, Love!
Have you spray painted anything lately?

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