Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Collection of Happiness!

I've been pretty busy lately, doing nothing in particular but a lot of randomness. Here are a few photos detailing my last few weeks:

I bought myself a happy new ski jacket since we are heading to the mountains next week! It's been about 10 years since I've been in skis do let's hope it's like riding a bike! 

This little guy, Fred, belongs to one of my besties! She's newly pregnant so we've been having lots of girls nights in since her hubby is out of town for work often!

This little guy turned one recently. This photo was taken at his party last weekend. He also had surgery to put tubes in his ears yesterday but seems to be doing well so hugs to him and his mama! 

This girl loves to go for rides but we keep the seats covered now after an incident with pasta salad meant a very $$$ seat shampoo visit 2 weekends ago! 

Dog park and then....

Afternoon snuggle naps! 

We are working on our 2nd Edmonton Festival of Trees tree! We strung up a makeshift line to get the "branches" painted today! I'll post more photos once the tree is complete! :) 

We got a huge dumping of snow here over the last 2 days so tonight's Girls Night Out has been swapped for Girls Night In! I'm off to get ready- stay warm! 

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