Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paper Mache Pumpkin

I was making a quick trip through Walmart this afternoon, looking for nothing in particular ( I would just know it if I found it) and of course, came across the cutest little project!

Yup!  They had these sweet paper mache pumpkins all ready for someone to go to town on!  I kind of actually liked the brown kraft paper color but knew I really wanted some creamy goodness to add to the front porch.
So of course I had to pick up some paint.  It was my first time buying Krylon's Paint + Primer in one and I have to say I really liked it!  I went with Ivory as I wanted it to look pretty close to the actual color of the "white" pumpkins you can buy.  I also decided to go with the matte Satin finish to keep things natural.

Once home, I headed out to the garage and got to work.  First, I loosely wrapped some painters tape around the stem so that it would be natural colored when I was done.
Three thin coats later and we were good to go!
Since it had the primer and paint in one this thing was super fast.  Plus, being paper mache, it soaked up the paint uber quick!
Here's the finished product:
There were a few spots that for some reason didn't want to take the paint coverage (I think there may have been glue or something there.?) but I didn't mind, since it made it look more natural.  At least in my mind...

I think it's a nice addition to the little table on the front porch.  Plus, seeing it now, the table is definitely in need of a new paint job so I know what I will be using the rest of the can of Ivory for next Spring! :)

Since you couldn't see the skull in the last picture...
It's super simple and the only new addition was this little pumpkin.  It was $7.96 at Walmart plus the cost of paint, which was nothing since I barely used any of the can and will use on some other projects!
Gotta love a project that take less than 10 minutes (including drying time!)

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