Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Wriggly!

We added a new member to our family last week and boy, are we in LOVE!   His name is Wriggly and he's one of our best behaved! :)
(excuse the slightly grainy ipod nighttime shots)
Wriggly the Piggly!

He was an accidental shipment at work, that we were originally told we weren't gettiing as they had been discontinued. We got two of them, and they arrived after we no longer needed them.  Of course, both of them had a broken wing.  (when pigs fly....?)

So I ended up getting him for FREE!  His break is pretty clean, so I'm gonna pick up some Crazy Glue or other ceramic appropriate adhesive and fix him up good as new!  And yes, of course, he's a piggy bank, which is what we're using him for!

He's taken up residence on my dresser and I think he's the perfect whimsical addition for our fairly traditional (so far...) bedroom.

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