Monday, July 16, 2012

Light me Up!

A couple weeks ago, I joined  girlfriend at a Partylite party her sister was hosting.  Usually, it's not my thing, but every couple years, I get invited and tag along to support a friend and buy the one thing in the catalogue that interests me.

This time, the only candle holder piece I was interested in, a lantern, was out of my budget.  Especially considering that the week before, I had already snagged these lanterns the week prior.  But what I did really want was some flameless candles and was surprised to see that they carried some!

They had three different sizes and even had a bundle with one of each size (5", 6", 7") which was perfect as I had a few places I needed them and wasn't exactly sure what sizes. They were significantly cheaper than I had seen at other stores with the same quality as well. They are made of real wax and even have that unscented wax candle smell, they are neatly textured, have a darkened "pre-lit" wick.

They have a regular on/off switch on the bottom.  But the BEST PART??  They have a timer option.  This allows you to turn them on for a party for example and then they automatically shut themselves off after 5 hours!!  EVEN BETTER???  They turn back on at the same time EVERY SINGLE DAY unless you re-set them or the batteries die I suppose!!  AWESOME!!

The only part I was unsure about is that they only came in one color, Ivory and I was really leaning towards a bright white.  But bringing them home, I really don't mind, based on where they are located.  In fact, they are even whiter than the ivory ones I already had on the mantel.

They look pretty great when lit.

I knew immediately that the tallest one would go in the lantern on the porch and it looks AMAZING! 
We have it set on the timer and it comes on around 9:30-10:00 pm these days.  Cory noticed it come on tonight for the first time and commented on how great it looked and how neat it was!

Here it is with my little Cyclamen that was wilting in the heat.  It was originally red when mom gifted it to me, but has turned a lovely raspberry color.

This lantern opens from the top which is wuite different than others I have.  I was worried about water, but so far, no problems!

Where have the other 2 found their homes?

One of course, is on the mantel:

The other one is in the lantern in main hall:

So happy with how these turned out!  I may be picking up a few more to use in other places for parties or just hanging out, etc.

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onthedesignlane said...

WOw!! this post is so ME....I love having candles in my home...When I get around to make them I always realize there is soo much u can do with them...Thanks!!!