Friday, July 6, 2012

Long Weekend Wrap-Up

I mentioned yesterdau that we had gone away for the weekend....

You see, months and months ago, Cory had purchased tickets to Boonstock as his absolute FAVORITE band, Korn, would be playing.  He had originally invited me to come along, but the tickets were ridiculously more than I would ever spend for a concert.  Especially considering that the bands playing weren't really ones I would regularly go see.

Fast forward to last week, I get a frantic call from Cory  who says that he had just won 8 VIP passes with Meet & Greets off the radio and did I want to go.  I said sure, but only under the condition that I got another ticket to bring a girlfriend.

A very excited, anxious rest of the week later, my mom agreed to come into town for the wekeend to watch the animals and we were off!

It was an absolute amazing time.  The bands were phenomenal, the atmosphere outta this world and the whole experience, totally fun.

Not to mention that we got to go backstage and meet with the guys from Korn!  Not exactly MY cup of tea, but seeing the look on Cory`s face, was beyond worth it!!

Here are some of my fave shots from the weekend:

a view of the main concert stageégrounds from our spot up in the Mile High VIP area, watching Buckcherry

autographs on our badges

a late late night shot of my girl Jill and I

not sure what`s with my weird face here...

a rough looking Cory and I at Billy Talent

front row at Afrojack show which possibly was my absolute favorite!

Apparently, I was in the company of zombies....

Jill rocking out at Billy Talent!

Cory and Fieldy from Korn

getting interviewed by Boonstock Productions after our meet and greets.

We plan on going again next year, we had so much fun!!

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