Monday, May 16, 2011

Under pressure...

I have been trying to get this post out for a couple weeks now, but I was having some photo loading issues...  So here's my shot:

Since the weather finally decidd to get it's act together a few weeks ago, we really wanted to freshen up the exterior of our house.  Not having any rear landscaping has made everything incredibly dust-covered and overall, filthy!  Not to mention the "mess" Finley created in her pen over the winter... Yuck!  So, a few weeks back, Cory and I hit up a few stores to check out some pressure washers. We actually managed to luck out at our first stop, Sears and an hour later, were able to work on the house!

This beauty was perfect for us!

Small enough for us to store, considering we have absolutely NO place to store things, it also offered a soap dispenser so that we could clean cars,etc.

We managed to grab it on super sale. PLUS I already had a $110.00 gift card so in the end, we only ended up spending just over $100 for this baby!!

Of course, since it's been a few weeks since we purchased it, it looks like we deleted the photos of the BEFORE and AFTERS.  I had planned on taking some more photos this weekend, but with the crazy winds we've had around here, the house seems to be covered in dust again...

I promise though that when these chinooks calm down, we'll take some before and afters just to show how great my new toy is.

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