Monday, May 16, 2011

Bouclair Bench

A few weeks ago, I hit up the new to the city, Bouclair Home  and then completely forgot to post about it! 

It was actually a pretty neat place.  Lots of affordable, on-trend accessories!  Today, while perusing some old magazines, I noticed a few ads in them for the same store and loved some of the stuff, especially from last years' Christmas issues.  So I will definitely be checking out their seasonal stuff when the time comes around!

But back to my shopping experience - I wasn't actually in the market for anything that particular day, but wanted to check it out nonetheless.  Well, I didn't leave empty-handed:

This cute brown ottoman came home to replace the lovely one that the boys took to destroying  during the "stressed out" stage they went through shortly after we brought the puppy home....

At only $30.00, it's obviously not real leather like the old one, but looks just as great!
 It still has storage inside; featuring a great hinge top that I don't have to manouver when my hands are full.  Plus, I love the tufted top that is a lot more plush than the old one - perfect for perching on when you want to put your shoes on.

All said and done, I'll definitely be back to Bouclair.  They are the perfect price point for adding pops of color and on-trend pieces since they are so affordable.

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