Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden Early Last Week

Our front landscaping was started late last summer.  It was taken care of through the builder so we didn't have any say as to what was done, which was pretty sucky but I have tried my best to turn it into something ok.
In addition to the sod, they planted the requisite one tree.  In our case, a crab apple, which I am not too keen on, but it sure looked pretty last week all in bloom:
I'm not sure if we'll get any apples on this thing or not this year though.  Plus, I am still on the fence about switching it out for something I love a whole lot more, like a lilac.
We also have a little shrub bed that kind of wraps around the walkway/front step area.  It wsas really weird how they did it, and didn't put any ladnscaping border or anything.  Plus, they literally wrapped the sod right up the slight incline to it.  I believe the area guidelines actually stiplate 6 bushes, but they got away with only putting in 4 and I am not exactly sure what they are.  Plus the end two were looking pretty dead....

I added the pagoda-style solar lanterns last summer in between each bush for added interest and obviously, practicality.  They were a fall clearance item from Zellers and I actually like them quite a bit since they're larger than most.
Back in October, right before the snow came, I had the forethought to pick up and actually plant some tulip bulbs.  I'd never had much luck with bulbs so imagine my suprise when I saw some sprouting through the soil!  I've been lucky in that the first few to come up, are still kicking around. Here are the shots from their first few days.

It's been so much fun watching my first ever in-ground garden take shape!! 

We had originally planned to add a stone retaining wall around the whole deal, but ended up scraping it for the time being.

We had however added one more change and I will show you that tomorrow!  It's nothing extreme but I find it makes a huge difference!

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