Friday, May 20, 2011

Bad news Bears!

I've been a little busy this week. In addition to my mom being in and out of the hospital, I had a little unexpected disaster! My debit card was skimmed and earlier this week and my bank account was cleared out. :(

I didn't notice until I went to by a $1.50 pack of gum and was declined. A trip to the atm to figure things out, spit out my card and told me I was unauthorized to use it. Minutes later I was told someone skimmed it.

Yikes! Not good. Thankfully, the bank is reimbursing my money (hopefully today) and my work has loaned me some money so that I can have something in their for my mortgage and car payments scheduled today.

But I really hope they catch whomever is doing this. Both the scanner and the person buying my info. Since it appears they spent thousands at a grocery store(?) in Montreal, I'm hoping they at least used it to feed their family in addition to whatever else they bought via the cash withdrawls!

If there's anything I can say about this situation it is that I will be 100 times for careful when using my card going forward.

Here's some tips to keep you safe:
* always cover the keypad when you enter your pin
* always watch your card when it is being handled by someone else (if you're like me, you most likely do something else when you hand off your card. Flipping through magazines, loading your groceries into cart, talking to your spouse). All these things give people an opportune time to swipe your card!
*be wary of using your card where you can not see what they do with your card (ex. drive-thrus)
* never give out your pin
* check your bank statements regularly

Hope this little bit of info makes you all take heed when shopping! I know if has certainly opened my eyes to the type of awful things out there.

Enjoy your Friday!
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Holly and Sean said...

Man that sucks!!! And what bad timing too. It really makes you wonder what kind of people are out there. And I am totally behind, but I sure hope your mom is feeling better. I'll be thinking of her!!