Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Excuse the awful shot. Exhausted! That's how I feel today. Last night was pretty trying.

Our poor little girl was pretty out of it last night. We spent most of the evening trying to convince her just to lie down and go to sleep. She wasn't buying it though...

Obviously, she's pretty sore and just wanted comfort. She desperately wanted to lay on the couch with her momma, but since it wasn't good for her to jump up, I spent a good portion laying on the floor, until my legs fell asleep from a heavy puppy laying on them.

I'm admittedly a little squeamish when it comes to blood so checking her incision is hard. Administering her pain meds is awful but necessary. Watching my poor puppy wince and cry cause she's moving too hard or too much makes my heart hurt.
Trying not to laugh when she gets stuck sideways in her kennel because the cone she's wearing round her head is caught in the grooves, is sooo hard.
But knowing that this little girl bolted past dad this morning to catapult herself onto our bed, just so she could snuggle in, next to me and forgo an early morning potty break, melts my heart!

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