Monday, March 14, 2011

Lightening Up!

We recently sold one of the showhomes are work. Our goal is always to sell the homes fully furnished, so that we don't have to store the furniture with the hopes that the decorator will be able to use it again.  Sometimes however, the buyers choose not to take the furniture, and I'm left to list it online. 

In this particular instance, the homeowner took about half the furniture and while there was no furniture that I was particularly fond of left, I did manage to snag myself something pretty great:

This pretty little porthole mirror was gracing the little girl's bedroom in the showhome.  I first spotted it a few weeks ago and couldn't get it out of my head. 

You can't really tell from the picture but the paint is pearlescent.

I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to put it when I said I wanted it, but I knew I would figure out a spot.  When I brought it home, it was pretty easy to decide where I wanted it.  This small wall between the living room and dining area was begging to be lightenend up. 

Previously, it had a painting my mom had commissioned for me.  While gorgeous, this Northern Lights painting and frame were much to dark for the space.  You can see a picture here (mind the Christmas tree, I didn't have many photos of that spot).  Oh, and yes, Cory had it hung waaayyy too high.

I think the new addition is much better.  It really lightens the space up. 
 I had been wanting to replace a lot of our dark furniture with white for quite some time now, but was scared to make a commitment, unsure if I would love the look or not. 

But seeing this addition today, confirmed that I am much happier with the lighter color.

It looks a little small in the photo, but in real life, it actually fits the space perfectly. 
Here's a bigger picture so you can get a better view.

Oh, and the best part.  It cost me NOTHING!

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