Friday, March 11, 2011

Currently on sale!

I got the latest Pier 1 flyer today at work and took a quick peek before I passed it on.  I have to admit, I don't think I have ever bought anything there that wasn't for someone else's gift registry. I typically find it a little too expensive.  Plus, the exotic, brightly colored Asian zen vibe that my local store seems to favor, doesn't necessarily blend well with my creams, whites and blues.  But today, was definitely a different story. In fact, I will be popping in there tomorrow to check out a few of these items:

This Sea Glass lamp obviously.  But I think I am more drawn to the color than the shape....

I'll be snagging myself a pair of these saly & pepper shakers.  They have three of my favorite things all wrapped into one sweet package: white ceramic animals, pretty birds and whimsical salt and pepper shakers!  Plus, they're only $3 US!

Lastly, I have have my (online) eye on the next two tables for a couple years now.  Since before we moved to this house actually...  I've never actually checked them out in person since my store has never had them in.  But I am hoping since they were in the local flyer, they might be in stock.

This Directoire style table would be perfect just about ANYWHERE in our place!  It looks small enough that I could even pull it up to the couch when I am lounging and too lazy to reach for the coffee table.  Alternately, I think it would look amazing in a little girl's room.  Or even in our bedroom when I eventually get around to finishing it and putting a great reading chair in front of our window.

They also have it in a console!  I am thinking that this one will most likely need to sneak it's way into the house somewhere as well.  We could use it in the front hallway for sure as a place to stash keys and the like.  However, that space is a bit small so I am thinking the stub wall between the garage and kitchen might be a good depth!  Although, do we think it would look better sprayed white?

Remember, I have a grey-blue wall color and bright white trim with dark wood floors.

I'll let you know tomorrow if it makes the cut. Plus, I'm not sure what Cory will think.  Perhaps if I snag my gf's designer discount in addition to the already great price?

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