Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Scents(y)

Back in November, I was working a very slow craft fair and in order to keep my boredom from setting in, I wandered around and perused all the other booths' offerings.  That is where I decided to try this Scentsy deal I kept reading about on blogs.

Being newer to Canada, I hadn't really even seen them before that show, but I could definitely SMELL them that day and fell in love with the scent wafting through the church that day, so I wandered over and after a good couple hours with a catalogue and the sample scents, picked out a combo for myself.

When it arrived a few weeks later, I was excited at how big the warmer actually was.  Unfortunately, that meant it wouldn't work in the room I had purchased it for - the powder room.  Since we had eliminated the towel bar and were working with a towel stand in front of the plug in, there wasnt much space nor did I like the idea of anyone getting electrocuted.

So it was moved to the living room instead and I am pleased to say I LOVE IT!! 
 First of all, I chose a neutral white warmer, so it works very nicely with our decor.  

My absolute favorite thing about it is obviously that it is NOT  a candle!! With a dog and 2 cats, candles are always something we really have to watch around here.  Plus, I don't have to worry about changing out the candles when we have a party or anything. 

I also really love the scents I chose:

Coconut Lemongrass is light and refreshing. 
Perfect for having a big group over cause it's not too overpowering.

Paradise Punch is fun and fruity.  I like this one for when we're just chillaxing, watching a movie or when I have the girls over.

Blueberry Cheesecake is a great scent but really strong.  This was nice during the winter months when I wanted to curl up in front of the fire and read while Cory was at work.  I only ever use one block at a time, and you could even split 1 block in half with this scent.

I love that when I want to change scents, all I do is pour the melted wax back into it's container, wipe out any residual with a papertowel and pop in a new block.

I did just notice on the website that they do have wall plug-ins, so I may have to snag one for the powder room that was my original plan.

If you use a Scentsy, please let me know what YOUR favorite scents are.  I am always looking for suggestions, as it was hard to smell and the samples and not start to think they all smelled the same!

Have a great Sunday!

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Jennie and Jeff said...

Hi I found your blog through young house love and wanted to share my favorites Scentsy Smells! It is hard to just mention a few but for me my go to basic ones are: sugar cookie, sugar, sunkissed citris, perfectly pomegranate, lucky in love (smells just like victorias secret LOVE SPELL), and French kiss (smells like VS amber romance).

So glad you are liking your scentsy! I am a consultant and am just addicted to say the least!