Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bringing Spring Inside

Just a quick post to share one of my favorite new things around the house.  I've actually had it for a while now, but don't think I have ever shared my Bird Nest Bowl:

I snagged this cute storage/decor piece at work.  I'm pretty lucky in that I'm friends with our in-house designer, so I get to take advantage of her discount and snag some cool finds direct from suppliers.

This particular find is available in some local stores, of course with marked up prices.

I was originally gonna see if she could order it for me in white, since I do love me some little white birds.  But she had an extra one in pewter, so I just snatched that one up instead.

I think it looks great over in the corner here.  Plus, it provides a good little hiding spot for small things:
cat toys, tealights, nail clippers are rounded up in this corner of our living room!

The perfect addition for spring, which I hope shows its face soon!

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