Friday, January 16, 2015

Wantable Intimates Review: January 2015

It's another Wantable review day!   You may have seen my Wantable Accessories review a little earlier this week. 

As I mentioned before, Wantable is a subscription service that allows you to fill out a style profile and they send you approximately 3-4 surprise items.  It's $36.00/mth (plus taxes, duties and exchange to Canada) and I've been pretty happy with everything I've received in the Intimates box over the last few months.

Since you can update your Style Profile whenever, I usually update mine every month to ensure I am getting whatever it is I am looking for that month. Here's what I had on mine this month:

I was pretty pleased to see that my stylist this month had actually read my notes and actually written back that they had selected items that I had requested!  I couldn't wait to see what they'd chosen.
Here's a look at the item summary for this box.  As you can see, there are only 2 items, but as both are higher priced sets, this is why there are 2, rather than the 3-4 that I am used to.

Here's a look at what I received:
Sophie B Panel Chemise
I was looking for something pretty to wear that wasn't exactly lingerie and they hit the nail on the head here.  This chemise is very elegant and classic but not boring.  It's kind of hard to see here but there are so many different fabrics on here which keeps things interesting and lovely.  The straps are adjustable, which is important to me and the fabrics are smooth and soft.  There is a nice amount of stretch here as well which made it super comfortable.  The detailing on this was very pretty from the lace over the cups to the sheer panels on the front.  I like this a lot.  The colors are soft and pretty and kept this look classy.  It also came with the matching G-string which is always a nice touch.
Valued at $42.00

Pyjama Drama Velvet Insert Boxer Set
This loungwear set wasn't something I would regularly pick out for myself since it is long sleeves with shorts, which always seems like an odd mix to me.  But after trying it on, I actually quite liked it.  The fabric is nice and soft and this was very comfy.  The color choice was very pretty and looks good with my skintone which is always nice.  There are velvet inserts on both the top and bottoms which adds a cute little detail.  My only issue was that the velvet trim on the bottom hem is on the INSIDE of the shirt, so I feel like they sewed this incorrectly as you can't see it and it serves no other purpose on the inside.
Valued at $38.00
Overall I was super happy with this box.  While I regularly would prefer to receive more items, both of these sets are very pretty, comfortable and will definitely get worn.  I also feel like the stylist who choose these items is the BEST STYLIST I have ever had for any Wantable box (both Accessories and Intimates).  I will  be asking for her again as she read my comments and found items that matched my requests and my profile selections.  The overall value of the items in this box is $80.00 which is a great value. 
Do you subscribe to Wantable?  What items have you received?

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