Friday, January 30, 2015

Splendies Review: January 2015

I had initially planned some big Valentines décor items for this week and then suddenly it's Friday night and I am exhausted from working late all week and am putting that to next week. But while I didn't accomplish much around here, house wise, I am always receiving packages of pretty things, so why not some reviews?

I must admit, I have been terrible about sharing my Splendies reviews lately.  Of course, I've had good intentions, and took all the photos and stuff, but then ended up having to delete them off my phone for legit photos of life before I got a chance to transfer them, and... such is life.

So, here we are. I thought about going back and re-shooting my December items but figured I'd just start fresh from here!  The good news is, after sizing up a few months back (since Splendies has a tendency to run small, I haven't had any issues!)


Cost: $13.99/mth USD

Shipping:  US (free); Canada ($7.00); International ($9.00)

Here's what I got this month!
I was super excited to see a lot of fun color/patterns/texture!  This looked like the best lot yet :)
Rene Rofe Light Blue Lace Skirted Thong

Oh my goodness is this pair ever cute.  It's actually just a nice silky thong, but there's a cute little lace "skirt" over it.  I actually love the look of Brazilian cut underwear like these and these are even more fun since it's technically a skirt. 
 Hearts & Anchors Bikini

While not my ideal cut, these are just absolutely the cutest and will get a ton of wear anyhow.
 Love the print and these are nice and comfy.
Frederick's of Hollywood Seamless Thong

I've actually never tried this brand before, despite hearing a lot about it.  I am looking forward to these as a great everyday pair since they look like they are the seamless kind.  Love the bright orchid color and anticipate these will be super comfy and the fabric is nice and soft!
They are the only pair in the box with a price tag and are listed at $5.00
On average, I find this is a standard price for pieces in the box, but I've seen everything from $3 - 15 so it's a nice little mix usually.
Overall, I am very happy with this package!  I think it might be my favorite Splendies so far!  I am also looking forward to my February package as they said that most boxes would include some Valentine's undies from Spree Girl (another brand I have yet to try!)
Do you subscribe?  What did you get in your package?

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