Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wantable Intimates Review: December 2014

Another box review until I can get home and share some projects with ya! 

This time it's for my <a href="">Wantable Intimates</a> box. 

Same as with the Accessories, you fill out a Style Profile about yourself and your preferences and they surprise you with approx 4 items that fit your profile. 

It's $36.00/month but with shipping to Canada, duties and the exchange rate it's about $52 for me, which still isn't bad considering I usually love my items and the value is often double. 

Here's a quick peek at my style profile for  the month:( I update my preferences monthly to better suit what I am hoping to get.) 

For some reason the card didn't show my specific comment for my stylist but I asked for some cute/pretty loungewear that wasn't too warm as I prefer to be cooler. 

Here's the order details:

I was a little sad to see only 3 technical items but since 2 are larger 2- piece sets, that's why. 

Sweet Delight Babydoll Capri 
This is my first Lingerie item from Wantable so that was exciting and I actually quite like this Babydoll. It's an unexpected color in the grey and white. It is actually super comfortable and even though I am not at my ideal weight I actually felt pretty in this. I also didn't realize until I tried it on that it also comes with the matching thong and I appreciate a matching set, so perfect. My only concern is that it has a very strong chemically scent so I am hoping that will come out in the wash.

Valued at $34.00 . This seems very reasonable to me as stores are usually asking for at least double the price!  

Rene Rofe Lace Thong 
I was super excited about this as it is so pretty especially in the light peach Color (also in grey). But I am sad to say it is too small, especially since I have never tried Rene Rofe before and I've heard good things... I don't know what the deal is lately but I've been having a ton of issues with Subscription Box undies not fitting me lately. I always wear a small and don't think my butt/thighs/hips have gotten any  bigger but I've needed to up my sizing... Which is frustrating, but I realize that every manufacturer and fabric is different as it's hit and miss, but I will most likely be taking undies off my preferences :( 
My gfs sister has a teeny tiny butt so I am hoping she is up for taking a pile of new ones off my hands! 
Valued at $10.00 
*i should note that the sticker that said these undies were a 2 pack was erroneously not removed... Glad to see Wantable is being economical lol

Rene Rofe Rhermal PJ Set in Black
This is essentially just long thermal underwear but with cute top stitching. I typically go for more loose-fitting items for loungewear so this was different to get. I actually really liked the pants which were even a nice length for a shorty like me. The top was a bit right though especially around the tops of my arms and I will have to hang to dry for sure. But overall, looked cute on, so I will still get some use out of it. 
Valued at $32.00. This seemed a bit high for long underwear if u ask me.... But I don't really know.

Overall impression: I was pretty pleased with this box as there were some new types of items for me, and I will wear everything except the underwear, it's a success.  Plus, since the babydoll came with a pair, that's kind of like a freebie. That set was also my hands down favorite piece so far! I wonder if they didn't get my updated profile info and comment as to what I was looking for, as it wasn't listed on the card. I had asked for some loungewear pieces that were a little more feminine and pretty and less warm, like nighties, which obviously didn't happen.  

As well, I am pretty sure I had brights and colourful options as a preference so this more neutral box was different than expected, but still good.. I'll have to update my profile for sure. The box was valued at $76.00 which I think was ok but definitely could be better considered how much more it is to Canada. 
I am definitely still a Wantable fan though, so I'm already excited for next month!! 

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