Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Addition: Outdoor Edition

Back in the spring, when Zellers was closing down, Cory and I went in almost weekly to check out the Closing Out Deals.  I was pretty fortunate to get a fair bit of stuff on sale and had almost forgotten about my biggest purchase until I was doing some painting in the garage yesterday. 

I had picked up this outdoor rug intending to use it on the lower patio when we eventually get around to working on it (next year hopefully).  The goal is to eventually find a reasonably priced, conomfortable outdoor sectional and coffee table on the one side under the window.  One the other side, I think I want to build a DIY Potting Bench/Entertaining Bar.

But since I wasn't going to get around to using the rug on the lower patio this year, I figured why not see how it works upstairs!  So I unrolled it yesterday and REALLY LOVE IT! It's not necessarily the best color match for the deck, but I like the idea of a rug so it'll stay for the rest of the season.

When I bought it, I actually thought it was a green & grey striped rug so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a light and dark grey stripe.  Even better since now I am not forced to work green into my color scheme :)

For now, we have it on the "lounge" side of the deck (which is really just a foot behind the dining table) and I think it helps to define the space and add a pretty, decorated feel to the space!

Here's a close up of the colors.  Seeing this photo, I can see why I thought the lighter grey stripe was greenish, but in real life, it's the most perfect grey.

Excuse the mess of random plant pots on the floor.  I'm using ones in the corners of the rug to help flatten it out, since it's been rolled in the garage since I bought it. 
Oh, and those two metal scrolly looking things need to get hung up.  I've been asking Cory to do it all summer.  I'm determined to have it happen this weekend!

I really wish I had been more on-the-ball at the beginning of Spring and found some bright (blue most likely:)  ) outdoor cushions to really liven the space up and make it even more cozy.  Unfortunately, by the time I decided to get it done, there was nothing attractive left anywhere!  I will definitely get on it next Spring, or maybe this winter, online, if I am lucky!

So far, Grey Approves! I'll be sad to see this one get moved downstairs and will definitely be on the lookout for one for up here for next year!

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