Thursday, August 9, 2012

Current Seat-uation :)

Two weeks ago, Cory was working so I decided to do some "window shopping" just to get out of the house (and admittedly be in an air conditioned space).

As I've mentioned before, I am on the hunt for some dining chairs (4-6) to replace the set in our nook currently.  They're about 7 years old now and were purchased as a set with the table very cheaply cost effectively from Jysk when I moved out of my parent's house.  Albeit, for the price I paid (possibly $350 for the entire set), they have served me well and the table is pretty sturdy still, just needs a refinishing.  However, several of the chairs have cracked and one has a seat that doesn't properly stay on.  I realize this could be fixed but I admittedly am over the set and just want something new. 

So when I came upon these chairs outta the blue - I actually just about missed them and had to do a double take, it took everything in me not to buy them on the spot.  Simple - linen with dark legs and nailhead detail.  I also think now that there may or may not be a stunning door knocker style pull on the back (but I visited many stores and saw many chairs that day....)

Super <3 a="a" and="and" anything="anything" big="big" cursive="cursive" fan="fan" french="french" general.="general." has="has" i="i" in="in" it="it" like="like" linen="linen" looks="looks" m="m" nailheads="nailheads" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" on="on" or="or" p="p" stuff="stuff" that="that" with="with" writing="writing">

They were exactly the right style and they were soooo comfy, and of course, ON SALE!!!  I can't stop thinking about them!!!  My only worry is the linen color.  We will eventually be getting a grey sofa in the adjoining living room and the linen will no longer match the used to be cream sofa we have currently.

I am thinking of doing 4 in the plain linen and 2 of the accent ones so that it isn't too much and I don't tire of it.  Plus, I could use the accent ones in other spaces when we don't have company.  However, it might take some coaxing as Cory wasn't too sure.  I think he thought they were too fancy for our everyday nook.... as he was worried we would just muck them up and ruin them.

What do YOU think??

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