Saturday, August 11, 2012

Feline Feeding Station

When you're a pet owner, there are a few things that will always just be part of your life:

1. Pet hair on soft surfaces and little dust bunnies flying around when the fan is running.
2. Dusty paw prints tracked across your very dark flooring from the front door straight to the back door.  Especially visible mid-day when the sun is shining right thru, highlighting your lack thereof for domesticity....
3. Pet feeding stations being visible and ugly.

#3 is the only one we've tackled so far.  I mean, the visible part comes and goes.  We sometimes move the feeding station to the basement but then when we run late, we forget to sometimes feed the boys in the morning and that never goes over well.  So, it's been back in the kitchen for the last little while and we decided to make it at least pretty.

We used to have plastic cat bowls.  You know, the generic grey rounded square ones...  But since both my boys are scratchers (they like to move their bowls to specific spots while eating) they were scratched up - plus then Finley decided that she wanted to gnaw on them.... so instead of buying new ones we just used dishes we already had.

Firstly, we put their dishes on this cute little Ikea tray.  The blue caught my eye and I liked the whimsical elephants.  We find they help  to control the mess of little bits of cat food.  They certainly don't get it all, but things are kept a LOT cleaner with it. 

Then on top, I am loving these individual sized casserole dishes I found at HomeSense.  Absolutely love the blue color plus the ombre look is a nice touch!  They also have the little handles so I think the boys will find them useful when they are moving their dishes around ;)

Since they're a necessity, I think it's nice to have something cute to look at.  Plus, I like to think the boys appreciate using real dishes.  Ha!  Are your pets spoiled as well?

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