Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grrr... and a Wedding!

I've been busy so I've been shooting off some posts via Blogger mobile..... strangely enough, they're nowhere to be found. I'm working on fixing the issue.  But seeing as I have no idea what it is, that might be a little tough.

In the meantime, part of the reason I was busy is that I was busy attending wedding events for this cute couple:

My girlfriend's sister got married this past weekend and I got to tag along as her date as her boyfriend was out of town for work.  Score for me!

Danielle (the bride) was so easy going and non-chalant about the whole wedding planning process that she pretty much let her sister plan the entire thing.  So of course, I gave ideas and the like.  One thing she did want was 4 different colors, so they did yellow, green, blue and purple, as seen here on the girls' dresses:
(disregard the terrible, un-posed shot)

They also decided a slightly vintage vibe would be cool so Jill rolled with that when doing the super simple decor.

This gorgeous sign guided guests the right way.

Love these bikes!  I have been wanting one sooo bad now for the last 2 years!!  It took everything for me not to ride one home!

The super simple Mr & Mrs banner hung from the head table.

Jill crafted the card box for the occassion.  It had multiple compartments which was neat.

The super simple table decor included these cool tree stumps, mason jar filled with sand and a cable, the table number and a mason jar with wildflower esque arrangement (my idea) and these vintagey frames (I had purchased one for Jill for xmas) each featuring a different photo of the bride and groom and in each one they highlighted the specific color for that table (ex. this one was yellow).  They also had a little card with each guests name on it, and the meaning of their name which was a nice little gesture.

The cake was made by our bosses' wife.  It was GORGEOUS!!  4 tiers, 3 different flavors and the detailing was outta this world.  Simple ribbon with vintage brooch as decoration, in addition to the various decorated layers.

All in all, it was super simple (as per the bride) but it was a really good time.

And last but not least, since I had my camera, I tend not to be in a lot of photos, so I asked Cory to take a slew of me photos before I headed out.  This one is my favorite:

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