Friday, August 12, 2011

A little bit of Savings

Sorry no posts the last two weks.  We had a wedding last weekend to attend and then I had a ridiculously busy week this one, getting ready for our Golf Tournament at work, which was yesterday.

It turned out great and we raised so much money for charity.  I am beyond excited.  Plus, I received a gift card for The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant which I am excited to try!!!

Anyways, I have the afternoon off, so just running around doing some errands, napping and getting things ready for Cory to get off work so we can head out to the lake.   But I wanted to share another coupining story with you, since that's all I've been up to lately.

Here's this afternoon's loot:

Johnson's Bathtime Essentials Gift Set  - $20.99 - Manufacturer's Replacement Product Coupon = FREE!
Crest toothpaste - $2.49 - $0.75 off Websaver coupon =$1.74
Satin Care Shavegel - $3.49 - $1.00 off Websaver coupon = $2.49
Total= $4.23 before taxes!!

Quick note: SDM also had Purex laundry detergent on sale for $2.99 last Sunday and Monday only.  Unfortunately, my store was sold out when I went in.  I asked about a raincheck and they gave me one, even though I later found out they aren't suppossed to do them for the special buy prices....
This worked out perfect as my Purex coupon/sample had not arrived yet. 
It came in this week $3.00 off, so I am looking forward to picking up my FREE bottles when they are in!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Leigh said...

Melting Pot is delicious! I went there for my stagette dinner and it was fabulous. Enjoy!