Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bedroom Artwork Re-vamp

Earlier this week, I mentioned that one of the things I wanted to get done this week was rectify this disaster on my bedroom wall:

The rest of the art in the room is black and white, so I wanted to keep it the same but I also knew I wanted to do something a little more "personal".

So I found one of my absolute favorite photos of Cory and I.

and used Picasa to make it Black and white.

Then off to Walmart I went to have this baby printed into an 11x14.  They didn't have a 12x12 option they way I was printing (I've learned my lesson now and will most likely re-print down the line).

 I simply popped off the backing and using a fresh piece of scothc tape, adjusted the scrapbook paper.

The re-positioned the photo and attached it to the backing with even more scotch tape (yeah, we're fancy like that over here!)

Then, just like that, pop the backing back on, and hang back up on the wall!

Admittedly, I want to get a better quality copy of the photo so that the resolution of the print is better when I print it.  I will also print the photo to the proper size so it fits entirely behind the mat.

But for now, it's 100% times better than what we had before.  Remember:

And the much improved After:

Don't you agree?

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