Friday, August 5, 2011


Since getting into Couponing pretty crazily last week, I am happy to say I've scored a bunch of amazing deals lately.  In addition to getting some great prices with coupons, I also managed to score some free items, simply by paiying attention to my bill!

One thing I found out last week was that I really need to pay attention to the prices of items I'm purchasing.  Two items on my bill the other day were scanned incorrectly!  That error on Walmart's part got me some free juice AND some Skinny cow fudge bars!

It also got me thinking about how many times, I had purchased something because of the low price, only to feel confused and shocked when my total bill was quite a bit more than I expected.  I never, ever double checked it though!!

Guess who's changed the way she shops?  I'm now carting a notebook with me to the grocery store and writing down my prices and verifying them when they scan.  I'm thinking this little act is gonna save me a ton of money....

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Blair said...

I feel the same way! I am home for the summer from college and helping my parents out, who recently took in two foster children. So saving money has become a top priority! Mom and I have made it our little game to save each week at the grocery store, we've been able to save about 100 dollars a week there. Who knew couponing could be so much fun!

~Blair http://thefirstapartment.blogspot.coom