Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Two weekend ago, I bought a bunch of new jewelery. The dress I wore to the wedding had gold in it, and I didn't own any gold pieces except the earrings I bought in January to go with it.

I wanted something fun and a little chunky. I lucked out and found a package of about 10 bangles. They're all different and gold. With two also being the perfect blue to go with my dress. There are some bamboo looking ones, one with animal print looking cut outs, a nailhead looking one, etc. At $15 it was a little more than I wanted to spend, but they've been working their way into my wardrobe a ton lately so they're cost per wear seems to be paying off!

I never thought I was a gold person, since my cool toned skin looks best with cool colors but I was surprised to see how often the gold is more applicable for certain outfits.

Just goes to show you, sometimes it's nice to throw a little unexpected accessory in your cart to add a little WOW to your wardrobe!
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