Friday, August 5, 2011

HomeSense Love!

I was in HomeSense the other day and found myself constantly whipping out my camera phone!  I actually texted Cory some photos with the words "I love these, so hard!"  In fact, there was a million things in the store that had me wishing I didn't have a vacation and a backyard and fence in my budget already.

There were a ton of things in the store that I thought would be perfect in our house.  Everything had that perfect vintagey-french look I love, combined with a slightly rustic, well worn, industrial Restoration Hardware vibe that we both love.

Here are a few things that had me swooning and declaring aloud my desire to save my pennies:

These gorgeous grey beauties were the first thing I saw when I walked in the store!  There were six of them.  Exactly what I want.  Loved the fabric - perfect linen!  Love the button tufting.  Love the nailhead detail.  Plus, they were super comfy!!

When I sent them to Cory, he loved them as well.  We decided that maybe these would be great in our space if we switched out our table to something white. Perhaps, a simple white lacquer Parsons table?

They also had them in a neutral linen and pretty white.  Which would look good with our current table.


I immediately thought of Cory and our eventual basement when I saw this table.  It's exactly the kind of thing he's typically drawn to.  Surprisingly enough, I've also become enamored with the style as well.  Plus, I bet it's about 10 times cheaper here than RH!

There was a ton of amazing artwork.  Unfortunately, that's where my stupid phone died.  I did manage to snag one pic though.
I thought this great birch print would look great in our house.  Infact, I just about bought a couple pieces before realizing it would be smarter to save my giftcard and a few more to eventually get something awesome like a whole set of chairs!

What have you found at HomeSense lately?

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