Friday, October 23, 2015

Five Things For Friday

Goodness me! The last couple weeks have been out of control exhausting with work! I can't remember the last time I felt this tired, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure my contract for my 3rd job is ended and even if it's not, I think I need to bow out.... I just don't have it in me! 

Then it was Thanksgiving and my entire family was in town. Then I got a last minute invite to the Madonna concert, it was my birthday and finally. I have a nice quiet weekend to get my life back in order! 

But for now, here are 5 things for Friday:

Excuse the used off look on my face. I was trying to be serious.... This leopard scarf has been on repeat as much as a possible. It was a sale find at <a href="">Old Navy</a> for something like $11.00. I don't see it online anymore but I am sure you could probably find it in store. I knot my ends together  and wear it as an Infinity style. 

This girl. I have been a terrible mom this summer/fall since I have been pretty sick and super busy. But I make every effort to get our butts to the dogpark on Sundays! 

There's nothing like an unexpected surprise when a co-worker gets back from a vacation. A 3 week visit to Spurh Korea got me these sweet goodies. I am loving the beautiful coasters and plan on having them out for my guests this weekend!

Firstly, I am NOT pregnant. This is my new niece/nephew.  We are at 21 weeks here and I can't wait to meet her/him. Especially since my sister in law told me this week that they are leaving the sex a surprise this time around.... Aaak how will my OCD self deal? 

Lastly, I'm a Canadian girl through and through and there's nothing that says Canadiana more than the classic multi-colored stripe of a point blanket from <a href="">Hudson'sBay</a> . They are carrying the classic pattern on so many different items now (including Christmad Crackers!) and I'd love a pair of the beach towels! The traditional colors don't work with my home decor but I also wouldn't be upset to receive a Caribou Throw in the cream and grey color scheme! 

That's just a slice of what I've been up to lately. It's nice to occasionally do a photo dump when I haven't been able to share with regular blogging. But now that I am not working 3 jobs anymore and have a quiet weekend I am gonna get all my posts up! 

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