Friday, September 4, 2015

Mark for Avon: Debunking the Myth and a few of my Fave Finds

Hey All!  It's officially September which means cooler weather and shorter days are here.  :(

But I refuse to completely convert to fall until absolutely necessary. While I didn't post a lot this summer, since I was busy living my life, I did so sporting a lot of Avon and Mark for Avon piece . And yes, while I technically am a "Demonstrator" I don't actually really even sell it, just buy stuff at a discount for myself, so this post isn't about me trying to get sales (although if you're local and want something, I definitely CAN help with that). I simply just wanted to bring awareness to a company that people either don't seem to know about or have a pre-conceived (and wrong) idea about what they have to offer. Everytime I get a compliment on something I've purchased through Avon or Mark, people are always so shocked to hear where it's from- and believe me, latelyy mark stuff has been getting a ridiculous amount of comments. 

Here are some of the pieces that I've been wearing non-stop:

Bright & Breezy Scarf in Turquoise 

This scarf comes in both turquoise and coral. Firstly, it's ombré which is hard to tell in the picture, plus those tassels are to die for and so on-trend. It's also a very large size - you could totally use this as a sarong. It's nice and soft and since it's lightweight it's perfect for summer or layering up all year long. Also, I think the coral color is on sale. Here's me sporting it to work earlier this week: 

From the Top Fedora
I actually own two of these... The first one got a bit crushed after a music festival long weekend that may have involved drinking... So I have one in better condition for when I go out and one for beach days and working in the yard. This actually comes with three different colored hat bands (floral, black and turquoise) which I think is ingenious! This way you can coordinate to match your outfits, so smart! Super lightweight and comfy (sometimes straw hats can be scratchy but I've had no issues with this one). I wore this pretty much every weekend since I bought it, perfect for lazy weekends where u don't wash your hair and it saved my face from sunburn during aforementioned music festival! 
Here's a peek at me wearing it and you can see both other Band colors. 


Looking Sharp Bracelet 

Okay, so I actually own both the gold and silver and purchased the rose gold as a gift for my bestie. I like that each of these are slightly different so you could even wear them together and they wouldn't be too "samesies". I also like that they the hinge on them for easy on/off. They are kind edgy but oh so pretty. Love these, especially with an arm party stack! 

Charm Necklaces 
Alright, so technically just the horseshoe and the unicorn in this photo and I don't actually see them any longer on the site, but I have been getting so many comments when I wear this collaboration of necklaces that I had to feature these. I got these as a bundle with the fedora and a bronzer, so you can see the kind of packages that Avon puts together. This would have been the perfect gift set for any gal in your life (or just to keep for yourself).

Amazing Shoes/Sandals/Boots
I just snapped this now, on my lunch. Once again, these are old, from last summer and no longer available. However I wanted to show them cause the footwear from mark gets crazy compliments. I have maybe about 7 or so different pairs and have even re-bought a pair my dog ate cause I loved them that much! The sizing is true to sizing, they are always on trend and the quality has been great. 

So that's just a sneak peek at some of the accessories I've been sporting that have been getting a lot of positive feedback. But of course, that's just a small sampling of what they have to offer. All these pieces are their mark branded, which is geared towards a younger (teen-twenties?) audience - however I'm in my 30s and can't get enough. I like the makeup, apparel, footwear, accessories, body care and hair care. I am constantly singing their praises and gladly let all my gfs and random people know about this brand. Often I hear that people think Avon is for older ladies and I just wanted to throw it out there that it is definitely NOT the case. 

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