Saturday, September 5, 2015

Indigo: Fall 2015 Picks

As always, one of my absolute favorite places to check out each new season is Indigo.  They always have great home décor, accessories and odds and ends.

So, without further ado, here are a few new items on my Indigo Wish List:

Antler Pillow Cover

Everything about this pillow is ME!!  The color scheme is absolutely perfect.  It is also the perfect mix of feminine and masculine.  I love the kitschy-ness of antlers.  I always have a thing for the pillows at Indigo, however they`re a little pricey, so I don`t often buy many, despite my desires.  However, they have recently switched to a separate cover and insert so I am kinda bummed about that.  But I have a few inserts kicking around that I can substitute since I always find the Indigo feather ones stab me.
Brass Acorn
Okay, so last year I got a little out of hand with pumpkins and gourds, so...... I think an acorn is the perfect piece for fall.  Plus, it would still look in that in-between stage from New Years to Valentine`s, when you don`t know how to seasonally decorate, but you don`t want anything to cluttered so something traditional is perfect.  They also have a feather and antlers which I always love.
Daniel Wellington Classic Collection Winchester Watch

This is not my regular style, but I find I can dress a little preppier in the fall, with a lot of jeans, tees and cardis, so this pretty watch is perfect for those days where I want something cute but not quite as flashy as a Kors.  I love the pink and navy strap on this one which still keeps it cute and girly enough for me as an everyday piece!
Feather Scarf

Feathers are my jam, so I was a little surprised when I realized I didn`t have a scarf with a feather pattern.  I love the colors in this one, everything from pinks and reds, purples and some blues.  Absolutely perfect.  Plus I just generally like the quality of scarf they sell.  There are a couple other color options and I really would wear any of them.
Frends with Benefits Taylor Headphones

Okay, so I might be the only person who does not own any over the ear headphones.  I really need to get on this bandwagon.  I absolutely LOVE the styling of these - they are super simple, with just a little touch off something (rose gold) to make them special.  I really need these!
Pablo Foldover Clutch
How perfect would this be for a Girl`s Night!!  The dark moody color scheme with the floral is absolute perfection!!   I like the fold over clutch style as well.  I`ve had my eye on a few clutches in the past and never bought them, but this one is definitely worth checking out in person!

I do have an upcoming Birthday, so for anyone who was looking for gift ideas, any or all of the above are right up my alley! Do you have your eye on anything at Indigo?

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