Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time Flies...

Wowza... I don't know where the days are going!! We have been incredibly fortunate to be having a phenomenal spring, weather-wise and I have been taking full-advantage any time I am not working.   Which to be fair, isn't much ;)

Regardless, I wanted to check in and let you know what I've been working on. 

Firstly, I seeded the lawn. It's an absolute disaster every spring. Mostly, I think it's cause of the dog, but also partly the fact that it gets little sun in the winter as the neighbours house is set further back than mine. This winter, I'll be blocking the yard off from the dog, to see if I have better luck. 

Oh yes, and I bought a pool, as you can see! It's actually not too big and will mostly just be used to keep me cool during hot days working in the yard but it'll be fun to dip into when I have friends over!!  I also thought it a good ploy to cover the area of grass that was completely dead.... Sadly that area is not as flat as it looks and the pool collapsed one day and flooded my yard.  The only upside? The crazy good weather we've been having meant my grass needed it! 

Lots and Lots of planting had been going on! As usual, I added a few pots to the front porch, back deck and am ever-working on the perennial garden at the back of the yard. It's all still a work in progress but weather permitting, I will be shooting some shots on Sunday!  Here's what before looks like:
I think gardening might be one of my absolute favorite pass-times! 

Spending time outside with this girl has been how I spend most days. She's patient and kind and mostly just enjoying being outside when I'm in the yard. We've also been hitting up the dogpark when we can! 

The biggest progress so far has been in making over the lower patio! I am super pleased at how it is coming along and can't wait for it to be finished. It's currently in what I am calling Phase 1, which is purely cosmetic and useable. The previous incarnation was dim, gross and dirty, filled with spiders and storing junk. It's been cleared out, cleaned up and prettied up. I have big plans for this space and got lots underway. Above, you saw a sneak peek at Finley enjoying the space but here's a shot at how cute it's currently looking! 
Definitely an improvement! Can't wait to finish all the projects on my list and have some people over! 

What are you working on in your yard? 

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