Friday, June 12, 2015

Wantable Intimates Review: June 2015

I had no plans this past weekend other than to spend a good portion of time watching Netflix since Season 3 of both Orange is the New Black and Nashville had been uploaded. 

But Friday was also a good MAIL DAY!! So, here is my Wantable Intimates review!

The Scoop: 
Wantable is a Subscription Box Service.  They offer a few different types:  Accessories, Intimates and Makeup - which operate like a regular subscription service, arrive monthly, you can skip any month you like, etc.  They also have a Clothing and Fitness Clothing Edit Service, which are a bit different and are more of a personal styling option.  (these two are not yet available to Canada). I subscribe to both the Accessories and the Intimates.

Cost: $36 US which works out to about $54 for us Canadian folks once you factor in exchange, shipping, and all other charges. 

Ships to: US (free); Canada $6; Uk $7; Australia $7

Once you fill out your style profile, you are good to go! 

Here's a first look:

 Their info card is pretty detailed, which I like.  It includes a lot of info including styling tips, price, etc.

 Your stylist chooses your items based on selections you made in your Style Profile. I like to change mine up each month. Here's a peek:  

  After briefly checking the card, I dug right in! I like what I see right off the bat. Color, pattern and something new! 
Rene Rofe It's a Frenzy Bra
This is the first time I've received a bra (other than a bralette) from Wantable and I was a little skeptical as I wasn't sure how it would fit. 

This bra is a push-up, front clasp racer-back style. The cups are padded but not overly so and it is pretty light weight. My absolute favorite part is the back: 

Absolutely LOVE the lace! This is also perfect for summer and wearing with skimpier tanks, where it will show through! This turned out well. 
Valued at $28 this is a good price for a bra. 

Rene Rofe Spring Print Chemise 
This is exactly the kind of stuff I would expect from a summer Intimates box. It is cute, colorful with a fun print and super lightweight! Absolutely perfect for hot summer nights!  Couldn't like this more. Actually, I could, but that involves losing a little weight around my mid-section, so I'm working on that ;) 

Here's a closer view at the lace and bow detailing on the bodice: 

Valued at $22.00 this price point is very good. I'm quite happy with it. 

Rene Rofe Spring Print Robe 
OMG! Yay! A matching set! I never would have thought to want a light weight robe but this is such a smart idea! Since some of the summery chemises are shorter (and sleeveless), it only makes sense to have a coverup. This is also perfect for wearing fresh out of the shower when I blow dry on hot days! 

The pattern and colors of both pieces are so pretty. I really love this set and couldn't have asked for a better match! 
The robe has both the standard belt and the inner ties to really keep everything tied up nice and tight! Valued at $36 this is still a great price and I have no issues with this, especially as the entire set is under $60! 

Overall, this box has a value of $86 which I think it pretty good. It's more than double the Value of the box (obviously less for anyone not in US) but still, a good value. 

The Intimates box has long been one of my favorites and if I keep getting boxes like this, I'll be a happy girl!
The only thing I want to note is that I have definitely been seeing a lot of the same items being sent to other reviewers which makes me a bit skeptical on how well they are actually reading my comments and style profile since I doubt I have the same as everyone. Might be time to be more specific! 

Do you subscribe? What's in your box this month? 

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