Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Week in Photos

Last week was randomly exhausting. I actually worked less last week but was somehow MORE busy. I also just wasn't feeling like myself so I may or may my have spent a good portion of it binge watching Netflix.....

I have several projects in random states of completion and in the works, unfortunately due to a random dumping of SNOW last week, reveals will be happening next week! 

As such, I did want to pop in and share a little phone photo dump. So here's my week, with little words. 
Is this big enough or do I just bite the bullet and get a large ugly shed? I really just need a place to store the snowblower and lawn mower... 

                         Real Stone 
This rubber stuff..... Might be worth looking into, if just for my sanity! I've been spending a LOT of time at <a href="">Home Depot</a> lately....

    The makings of French Toast!  I've been cooking on the weekends. Sometimes it's fancy (for me) and sometimes it's the easiest dessert ever:

Mini Strawberry Shortcakes 

It's that time of year again: Peony Season!  Sadly, I don't live somewhere where they are regularly in-stock and these babies are PRICEY!!! At $15 per and $8 each for the ranunculus, this tiny Mason  jar bouquet was not cheap. Especially since the pink blooms turned completely white in 3 days. Sad face! 

We bought a ton of flowers but thankfully didn't plant them, since we got snow and they lived inside for half of last week. Now to find a home for these lilac bushes! 

This cheerful little porch makes me smile. I've thought of changing it up, but there's somethig about it's sweet simplicity that I like.  I'm also going to attempt to keep that pink Hydrangea alive... Past attempts with them haven't yielded great results. 

I attended <a href="">Army & Navy's</a> Legendary Shoe Sale last week and bought 6 pairs..... I threw out about as many last year thanks to a hungry boxer..... So we're even! 

I hate selfies.... But I lol GREAT in this gorgeous jewel-toned emerald green color! Glamming  it up for the besties bday dinner! 

THIS was $38 and a 2 hour wait. I ate only the stuff on the right. Do NOT visit the Wildflower Grill here in Edmonton. The service was terrible ( we were seated at 8 and didn't get dinner til well after 10:30....). , the food meh and over priced and apparently the wait staff was trash-talking our entire group. Someone heard them calling members of our party "fat", "wrinkled and old" and various other degrading comments.  I think we looked stunning and we had a lovely time heading our "fat, wrinkled old asses" out dancing after.  Sadly, I have not one photo after this point at dinner...  That means I was too busy enjoying myself I think! 

Mother's Day. I may not have birthed her, but I am a proud mama to this beauty. We spent the day working on the yard and cleaning up the back garden. She never ventures far away from me when I'm back there! 

So that my folks, is a brief summary of where I've been, what I've been up to.  There's some planting and various other outdoor updates in the works! I'm excited to share with you all! 

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