Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Patio Wall Baskets

I had a friend over this evening to assist with shifting down a few fence boards to prevent Finley from digging underneath when she plays with her ball.  While he was here, he offered to hang a few things on the deck for me.

I  really wanted them up last year but the ex wasn't sure that drilling into the siding was a good idea... since he's gone, they're up!

While they don't look like much right now, I'm sure that once I pop some blooms in there, they'll really be something!

While he hung them all as baskets, they are technically convertible and can be flipped over and hung as shelves. I got the set of three a few years ago when I was a Princess House consultant and they have just been sitting on the deck waiting to be put to use!

I'm thinking lots of little pots with some trailing vine-like plants and lots of lush, leafy plants to add some greenery to the huge expanse of beige wall!

Anyone have any plant suggestions? 

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