Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bedroom Addition: why did this take me sooooo long to do?

For the last 5 years, I have NOT had a TV in my bedroom. I don't know when exactly this came about, but it's just how it's been for so long, I just kind of got used to it!  I mean, I grew up with a tv in my teenage bedroom , and even had one in my apartment when I lived alone.  In fact, we even had a small one in the condo (before this place) when we first moved there, but it eventually just got taken out as we just never watched it.

 The ex was an early to bed guy who just did not enjoy hanging out in bed, so we just never did.  Plus with just the two of us, we mostly watched tv together, so there was never really a need.  When we did want to watch separate programs, he preferred watching on the big, big tv in the basement so that worked for us. We also didn't have another cable box or an appropriately sized one for the bedroom and couldn't justify the expense, so we just didn't even bother.  

In fact, I had gotten so used to it, I didn't really think of it until the guy I was dating thought it was weird that I really only used the one in the living room.  He pretty much couldn't fall asleep unless the tv was on, so I got reacquainted with snuggling in bed watching a movie and remembered how much I loved it!  I mean, the living room here is just not condusive to couples watching tv! Then I realized how much more sense it would make most nights of the week, when I was alone and could just watch my shows, in bed while folding laundry!  I asked around, and apparently I was the only person I knew who didn't have one..... So I started researching....

And in the meantime, brought up my old teenage bedroom tv from the basement! Where it stayed and worked wonderfully, if not a bit too small for the space for the last 2 months... (But apparently I accidentally deleted all pics of it) 

That is, until Father's Day when I had dinner at my dad's house and noticed the new tv he had in his Family Room - accompanied by the old tv just sitting on the floor next to it, accumulating dust! So i asked him what he was doing with it and long story short, we were loading that monster tv into my car immediately after dinner! 

Here it is after I got the neighbour to help lift it into my front entry!

Uh yeah....way bigger than the one I had been looking at buying! 

Here's where it ended up:

It's actually a really nice size for the space! The room is pretty large and the large screen is perfect for lying in bed!   The only real issue is that you have to ensure that the door stays open otherwise this happens:

However, once the animals are in bed with me for the night, it's usually not a problem, but I have gone ahead some earlier nights and put a makeshift door stop in the floor to keep them from busting in the room and blocking my screen.

Ideally, mounting it on the wall would be better, but this thing is so darn heavy I worry that it would come crashing down. It's a plasma, so much heavier than any tv I've ever carried, that's for sure! 

It's also a little weird in that the tv itself is different than any other I've ever seen. Firstly, it does not have  internal speakers, which wasn't an issue once I got a nice boy to hook up some from my downstairs surround sound that weren't being used.  It also has a media receiver, which is kind of a pain cause instead of plugging your digital box directly into the to, everything goes through a separate box.  Thankfully, I've been able to hide all the media components directly behind the tv. 

Yes, the big gap from the wall is weird, but you don't notice it unless us are standing at the washroom door, and it's only me who would so it's fine! 

This little corner used to function as my vanity table so that has been moved to the closet for the meantime.  I've yet to properly set it up, just quickly moved it when a friend was over to help me carry the thing, but it's serving it's purpose just fine! 

That dresser was used by the ex and I've slowly been taking it over.  Since I wasn't really using the hanging space on that side, there was more than enough room for my mirror and the jewelry tree! 

Overall, I'm super happy with this addition and love watching movies in bed! Tell me, what are your thoughts on a tv in the bedroom? 

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