Saturday, May 31, 2014

High v.s. Low: Spool Side Table

I haven't done a High Vs Low feature in quite some time, but when I came across this cute side table, I couldn't resist. 

I first saw this little spool table over at <a href="http///">Urban Barn</a> and thought they would be a cute little addition to my living room. 

But at $129.00, it was more than I wanted to spend for something like this.  The "Ace Side Table" is yellow, the "Jig" is a pretty grey. 

Well,  low and behold I popped across the complex over to <a href="Http://">Home Outfitters</a>  to get my mom a gift and stumbled upon these doppelg√§ngers.

While not an identical match, the idea, shape, size and colors are similar. These also came in yellow and I believe a white as well! The price on these is $79.99 but the great thing is Home Outfitters have a coupon every week so you can get 20-25% off depending on your method of payment. Plus, they also have a scratch and match where you could get up to 50% off! So at best possible price, these would be about $40! Obviously I think the quality of these is a little less- mostly in that these are less glossy than the others.

Which one would YOU choose? High vs Low? I know there are also many orher 

Note: I should point out that aparently the Urban Barn price has dropped to $99! So while better, they are still the "High" for this post! :)

As I'll be making High vs Low a weekly feature so I would love to know what kinds of items my readers would want to see!  Please share your thoughts! 

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