Monday, June 30, 2014

Simons Maison: Whimsical, Elegant Home Wares!

A few weeks ago  I received a flyer for <a href="">Simons</a> Maison and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at a few cute homewards and their reasonable prices so of course I went online and had a better look at their wares. Of course I saved it and then promptly filed it away and forgot about it until now! 

The item that originally grabbed my attention was of course this tablecloth.
Feathers are my jam! Even better that this one was grey and white, absolutely perfect for my space! At less than $20.00, I will most likely be snagging this beauty for my house! 

Of course they also have the matching napkins. I'm thinking I could use these for pillow covers or something else fun around the house.

I also really loved this throw blanket.  I've seen plenty of grey and white chevron throws elsewhere, but this one is a great price at $19.99! 

Since all my picks were looking a little grey, I of course had to throw in this cute turquoise ombré mat. I need a new one for the back door, and $9.99 is a pretty sweet price.

Of course I also have a thing for campy, whimsical animals in home decor so it's no surprise that I loved this antler duvet cover set and pillow cases.

I loved the message on this simple cushion that also comes in a a throw.

Lastly, there's something so strikingly elegant about this velvet feather cushion.

 I don't know about you, but im am truly loving these great pieces, and think they'd fit in perfectly in my home. I'll be checking them out in person very soon! 

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