Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas-ing the Outside! Part 1

Hey All!

Hope you. Enjoyed your Saturday! I had no plans today so it was a get stuff done kinda day! 

First on the list was getting the exterior lights up! Usually I get them up in October but I'm a little behind this year, especially since I need to borrow a tall enough ladder! 

Thankfully a buddy from work brought his and then even finished putting them up for me! What a great guy! Last year the icicles decided to stop working, so we didn't put them up. I tried looking for the same kind but they've changed em since I bought mine and I'm not a fan of the new style so for this year, just plain lights again. 

Although I shouldn't say plain since they alternate between red and green, which is kind of fun!

I also decided to use the faux garland I stocked up on at last year (or the year prior's ) Boxing Day sales. 

I really wanted to use the huge snowflakes I bought last year but still haven't figured out the best way to hang then from the porch so I attached them to the garland.

A new addition is this trio of spiral trees. I scored them at a Zellers clearance sale and imagined them along the pathway but we just end up with too much snow and they get buried so they line the stairs now.

I did my best chipping away at the ice, but I definitely need a warmer day soon to do it!

As usual, Rudy is the guest of honour on the porch! 

I think I'll have to string some lights around him this year and really make him shine!

I haven't yet staged the little table, but you can see the start of a new project sitting on the floor...

One of my little pre-lit trees bit the dust, so this little guy is all by his lonesome. I'll have to find the right spot for him and get him lit up tomorrow. 

Here's an overall shot of how it's coming along: 

I also put the wreath on the door for the meantime. I made it 2 years ago and it's definitely time for a makeover so that will be getting updated shortly, but here she is currently! 

I'm really liking a more neutral, natural theme this year so we'll see what I end up with. So stay tuned for that! 

What do you think so far? Excuse the crummy shots, but I wanted to get them at night so you could see the lights! 

See ya later November! 

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