Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Day as a Twenty Something....

Today was officially my last day as a 20 something.   I've been ridiculously scared to turn 30 for some time now but now that it's here, I'm remarkably calm!

My mom came in last night to take us for dinner which was nice.  I will be sharing her birthday gift tomorrow.

She left early this morning and while I was supposed to work a furniture sale today, I managed to get the day off since it was slow and I had a migraine for most of the day, which I appreciated since I got to spend the day being lazy and hanging out with Cory. 

First up, he gave me my Birthday gift early!

The first thing (which wasn't technically a bday git but a replacement) was a new ipod since he accidently threw mine out a month ago. They no longer sell the one I had, so I got a better one!  YAY! Was starting to miss my pinterest and instagramming! :)

I also got the beautiful Coach bangle I'd had my eye on:
(via my Instagram)
Love me some zebra print!
Plus the sweet guy threw in a little something else, just because he knew I'd like it:
Simply Vanilla candle was the perfect thing to add to the desk in my office tonight while I was making my calls tonight.
It was just a little something, but with him going back to school, we're minding our spending and he listened to exactly what I wanted!
We spent the rest of the day at the dog park. What a great day to prepare for ushering in 30!!

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