Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Porch

Usually, I keep my fall porch pretty reserved.  There's two reasons for this:

1. I don't have a lot of fall/harvest/halloween decorations to work with.  Plus I either never seem to have much of a budget to work with this time of year, or as is the case this year.  I forget that fall stuff comes out BEFORE fall and I fail to get in on the good stuff like hay bales (if you are in Edmonton and have seen them around, please let me know ASAP - Michaels South Common is SOLD OUT !!)

2. I never really know until last minute what I want to do.

This year however, I had the Monday off and Cory was working, so I thought it would use my day wisely and create something FUN for him to come home to.

The first thing to go up is always my wreath.  I made this beauty a few years back and am still absolutely in love with it!  It's super simple but really makes me smile!

I've been wondering lately if I should paint out front door?  It was actually SUPPOSSED to be painted a dark brown like our trim and garage door. But somehow that was forgotten by the builder and I didn't realize until last year when I was going over some paperwork.  We had a chocolate brown door in our last place and I loved it.  But this door has more glass.  Thoughts?

This skeleton in a cage found a home on the handle to the screen door.  Mostly because I broke the hook and needed something to wrap the "chains" around.
Next to the door, we have the little cream table that sits out there year -round.
I decided to keep the enclosed black lantern I bought this summer and was about to change our the flameless candle that melted and got all wonky in the extreme summer heat when I realized it might add to the Halloween vibe.  I threw in some fake leaves that came off a garland.
The scarecrow I've had for a couple years.  I was gonna stake him into the shrub bed, but thought he added a nice friendly touch up here.  Especially with his hand wrapped around the doorbell!
The skull and pumpkin were new purchases this year.
Skull -Value Village (new) - $5.99
Metal Pumpkin Tealight holder - Dollarama - $2.00
I had a couple lengths of leftover leaf garland from when I did my wreath so I just wrapped them around the railing and up the pillars for some color.
My newest and favorite addition this year is the basket of "harvest goodies".  The basket has been sitting in our basement stairwell for a couple years now.  I got it as a planter from my boss' wife but really wanted to tidy it up and possibly spray paint it.  I'm really glad I didn't as it adds the perfect touch here!
The mini pumpkins and gourds and from a box of assorted decor I bought at>Walmart years ago.  It has definitely served me well.  I threw in some natural colored raffia balls from Dollarama, some faux berry springs and some orange and gold pheasant feathers. along with some more errant leaves.
Taking place of a hanging pot on the hook is a strand of skull and cross bone garland.  Kinda spooky lol.
Last but not least is one more mini scarecrow.  I wasn't able to find any potted mums today (might be too late in the season).  But my current pots still had a few blooms hanging on, plus I thought the dead ones added to the spooky vibe, so I stuff him inside!
Lastly, an overall look at the whole shebang!
I'd love a little Harvest or Welcome sign to hang on the siding above the table.  I might take a look later this week for some good sales.
Oh and of coourse, can't forget my pumpkins.  The white one is a brand new find today at Michael's on sale. The orange one is a plug-in jack o'lantern, but I flipped him around.
We'll also be carving a few later this month so those will get added to the bunch!
Hope you're all having a great fall day!

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