Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Down Came the rain... of glass!

A couple weeks ago, I got a call at work from Cory (who had the week off) and the first words out of his mouth were "don't be mad...."

Sentences that start like that, never go well, so I braced myself and just went with a simple "what?"

Apparently Finley had decided to chase Greyson and ran right off the bed, smack into the 7 foot tall mirror we have leaning against the wall directly across from the bed  :(

Yup, my gorgeous, leaning mirror, custom built by my mom.

The good news was, that even though the mirror shattered into a million and one pieces, the frame remained intact.  Save for the very attractive blood smear on the back of it, from where Cory cut his hand while trying to pick everything up and get the animals outta the way.

I originally thought we'd wait a little bit before we got a new piece of mirror cut as I know they can be pretty expensive but I have been going insance these last few weeks without the mirror.  It is the only full length we have in the house and since our bathrooms are so small, we can't even get a good look.  I had taken to standing on the bed, peering into the master bath if I needed to get a good.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a good option and yesterday I sported an outfit that really should have stayed home!!

So as of tomorrow, I will be calling the glass and mirror company we use at work and getting a  new piece cut.  A girl at work used them to get the glass fronts for her new kitchen cabinets and said they were reasonable.  Plus, the installed them for her, which is good since there was a tony bit of damage to my frame.  You know, and the fact that it was homemade to begin with, so probably isn't the most sturdy construction.  haha

I can't wait!  What other "decorative" items around YOUR house have become indispensible items for you?

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