Friday, June 8, 2012

Master Bedroom Ideas

I decided that it was high time to get my butt in gear and get working on our Master Bedroom.  We've been in the house almost three years now and really haven't done too much since then.

The biggest reason for that is that our bed is GINORMOUS and while we absolutely love the SUPER KING size,we don't love that we can barely find duvet covers to fit it, nevermind attractive ones.

Now, I know that most people are thinking that it's crazy to delay doing anything else in the room until I find bedding, but since it's the largest thing in the room and the most difficult to track down, it really hasn't made sense to start when I don't know what direction I want to go in.  I was hoping to let the bedding guide me based on color choices and vibe.

We literally have 1 store, Quilts Etc. that we can shop at for bedding and quite honestly, since they don't carry every pattern in the Super King size, we are very limited.  In fact, I own 1 of 4 sets that I would be interested in.

I did have my eye on another set that I had seen online, but when we checked it out in person this psat weekend, the colors weren't quite what I had in mind:

I really liked the big, bold floral pattern of the "Costa" pattern shown here and I thought it might be just the excuse I needed to take the room in a whole different direction.  I was looking at possibly picking up the grey in the leaves and doing a grey velvet headboard.  My plan was to pick up the blue by keeping the existing lamps we have and possibly finding a complimentary blue and white geometric patterned drape.  

But the background of the duvet was ivory NOT now I'm not sure how I feel about it.

And then I fell ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with another Dwell Studio fabric

But of course, the King is too small for us....

This fabric just makes me so happy/  Its exactly the color scheme I wanted in here  PLUS it's the perfect mix of campy/whimsical and elegant/regal.  And we know I love Birds!!  Plus apparently the fabric is DIVINE!!

Unfortunately they do not appear to sell just the fabric for this particular pattern online.  So I put in a call to our fabric and drapery guru today.  (Actually, I sent a text to our designer who spent the morning there for another job).  The Dwell Studio book was apparently checked out, but they are going to send me over some LARGE samples of all the patterns I was interested in so I can better see the colors.  I am PRAYING that they have access to this fabric.  I would even be interested in paying them to make the cover/shams for me, despite knowing how pricey that can get. 

I'm still leaving towards a lighter grey velvet fabric for the headboard (all supplies needed for said project are just waiting around the house for me to execute....)

Since we already have these dressers as nightstands:
I thought maybe we could just add a little interest with some">Overlays . 
I like both of these and think they would work with the slight Ming Dynasty vibe going on in the duvet.

We could keep our current turquoise lamps for the pop of color

But I think it might be fun to switch them out for Lucite ball lamps below (with different shades obviously.

On the windows, I'd sew up some panels in the gorgeous Dwell Studio Gate fabric.  Keeping the dark wood blinds we currently have for privacy.

Underneath the window, I hope to eventually put this chair.   You know, when I finally get around to recovering her in the gorgeous dark turquoisey blue paisley floral embroidered velvet I've had for about 3 years....

Last but not least, the beautiful ginger jar I snagged from an old showhome at work is the perfect thing for atop my existing dresser.

With the addition of a new light fixture that I may or may not already have hidding in a closet... I think this will eventually be a room I am proud to showcase here.
Feminine but not too girly.  Relaxing but not boring


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